Don’t give up…..

My message today-
As we wind down a very eventful, very positive year for many of you may we all continue to seek and find the tiny miracles around you,..they are THERE..They are everywhere–
As is love in all it’s various forms we as humans enjoy and cherish…

And–Even though, as Peter Gabriel says in this song, no one wants you when you lose, if we OWN it, we can CHANGE it!..
Don’t give up..

It will be 15 years in May since my last chemotherapy session. c tried hard to take me but I am still here and WELL–sound in mind and body –after Stage Four breast cancer had spread to my lymph nodes.

Always remember…
You that have struggled with it know that one of the most precious miracles of fighting this disease—is the fact that EVERYONE touched by it—becomes brand new. It teaches us-we fighters and all our closest–it teaches us how to live fully–with no excuses–as a total, real, authentic thriving soul—

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