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Don’t forget to remeber the little things…

Mom–THIS is what it was like for you and I..
For I remember…
My first memories are of you holding me during Hurricane Hazel–singing to me and tickling me-to make me laugh…
Farther down of you milking Bossy the cow and squirting me with warm milk–making me laugh…
I remember you letting me stand on a chair and showing me how to peel potatoes–and hold the mixer to make cake batter–
Jump to age 13 when i got braces and you made me green peppers stuffed with cottage cheese and other special lunches just for me–
Then me as a mid teen when we used to sit on your bed on Sundays and read novels together….
And then how you helped me on my wedding day by throwing a grand soirée at the farm for the reception. ..
And then how OROUD you were of me when your grandson, my first son, child of your child, come to us
From there it was woman to woman—for you gave me that respect..
And I finally felt sooo grown up..
Until I was 29…you, only 49…and then you were gone..
Thank you–for being you…
Your Pammy….Your J…

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