Domestic violence is alive and—kicking.

I have an amazzzzing array of ‘fans’ now–those who have taken Annie and her clan into their hearts and assured me of their dedication and engagement in the reading of Call me J…
Men and women who are friends, family–and strangers— who have laughed along with the Magyars–who have been swept up in the latest escapades of the Boomer kids as they relished in life at that time..
but also cried at the incredible drama that swept the family up as the real story behind closed doors, in more than one home in the circle, became clear..
this story, initially brought to bear in post war South Western Ontario–still plagues Annie’s life today..all those decades later..
and haunts the lives of many of her readers who are amazed at how similar THEIR story is to Annie’s..
I pray my words as an author–gives credence to the facts–and soothes and calms terrified hearts–if only for moments at a time..
Please go to Amazon to read the review-and perhaps buy a copy–for you–or for someone you care about who need to see they are not alone..
I do believe we who stand up to advocate for those who have no voice…need to continue to do so..Perhaps it is that Call me J will help educate..and motivate the system to reach out a helping hand..
As they say in this certificate..One word at a time..We are educated to reality.. The reality that is all around us.47393223_10156809640166081_1444973671507558400_n

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