Dear God

Dear God….
Aw, another Thursday is upon us..and I thank You for yet another week past in good health, having the vitality and vigor to go for life to it’s fullest. Still..Thank You God..

Another week has gone by where I had the distinct privilege and honour to know I will soon be mingling again with souls I love or admire or respect or all three..Eight-ten whole weeks of rubbing shoulders and sharing air with delightful, beloveds-in harmony..Thank You God.

I thank you God for another week of having a strong mind, able to think and take those thoughts to paper with the hope of inspiring even ONE other soul to fight for the best moments in life-as I do. To never give up and to trust themselves enough to at least TRY-to focus and work and go for that dream. For life–quality life- goes by very, very fast..and we must embrace each and every day, each and every moment..Thank You God for that gift You have continued to bless me with.

And, God..Thank You for allowing me the absolute FAITH that those I love, admire or respect-including myself, WILL persist and continue to seek those possibilities that keep us all going, day in and day out–in SPITE of all the reasons we shouldn’t!
Until the next Throwback Thursday….
Onwards, God..
From your Pammy

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