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Naomi the Sensual Senior—Christmas Bliss-Yes I said BLISS! Monthly Bluster #18
Oooooooooooooo, it’s here!!
THE SEASON is here.
Pammy (my fellow sensual senior and alter-ego) and I are both MEGA EXCITED that is here once again, albeit, we both suffering greatly, weighed down some days by the same angst. It is missing a whole whole lot when celebrating the season as a mature single. Let me tell you, without going into detail, day after agonizing day, we get one punch in the stomach or heart after another, wishing we were sharing the 100 little special things that happen only once a year in heavenly couple-hood (or not so much heavenly other times of the year but put aside at Christams).
But that is another story, fit for another place, in another time, besides here in the celebration of Yuletide.
Like about 5 million others mature Canadian adults (last counted in the 2011 census and a whole whack going it alone December 25, 2016) Pammy and I LOVE Christmas.
We freakin’ LOVE it!
Bring on the memories and all the beautiful saccharin sweetness of it all.
All those delicious and incredibly fattening munchies and even more delicious and multi-tiered feelings abound all round!
There’s candy canes, sticky toffee puddings, chocolate candies, sugar plum candies, dancing sugar plums and EYE candy!
There’s homes lit up like fireworks, malls and shops vying for the biggest and brightest, just like smiles on otherwise serious, busy faces. Big and bright and all—-smiley!!
It makes a lady just want to clap her hands and dance around in glee.
Well, it DOES!
Can’t help myself. The inner child within burst forth at the first strain of Silent Night over the mall P.A. days before November 11 Remembrance day. Gotta get that retail cue in, right??
RIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Pammy told me she feels EXACTLY the same. Go figure..:)
Ok. Sure. Some abhor the crass and sticky-as-sugar nostalgia inducing music on the airwaves. The incredible unique form of lyric and melody that runs the gambit from pop to gospel to Christmas concert cute. NOT I! I love’em!
Then there is country. The dog dies in a more heart wrenching way. At Christmas it’s a PUPPY! The kid gets a dry biscuit instead of that sugar plum and, no way is the just off the production line 800 dollar widget in the 5 year olds stocking. Worst of all, the big yellow taxi arrives to take away her old man JUST before the gifts are opened. I swear I have seen grown adults SOBBING over the blaring tunes as they drive along juggling their Tim’s on one hand, the cell in the other. Good ole country music at Christmas.
Then there is the Santa and night before Christmas, Scroogy executive grudgingly checking out the 50 year old lodge before it is razed for a resort and family stranded in a rustic lodge type movies on W, Bravo and Showcase. But I gotta a tell you. I need two hands to count my buds who are squeezing in these movies as often as they can steal a moment with all the business of Christmas that seems to be on Mom’s plate.
Think of it. Let’s count. (And this is the short list.)
1-Food. Well, now. We’ve got the Office Christmas party pot luck-x 2.Then the kid-grandkid Christmas concert cookie extravaganza. Then—drumroll—TURKEY ady when 4 guests bring the marshmallow yam deal. And the dog that survived dying over Christmas eats the box of chocolates under the tree for gramma and –well-turkey dinner is—well…
2-GUESTS-like omg—how many extra beds, towels, wifi password give-outs to take your monthly usage way over the top—not counting dozens of eggs, packs of toilet paper and pairs of socks for cold feet..
3-Decorating—inside is hers, outside is his. The arguments abound. The hilarity ensues. The final results are breathtaking.
4-Gifts. Oh, the gifts. Planned and sometimes purchased months in advance. The hiding places. The all-out excitement of finding the PERFECT thing for your beloved. And the the assembly.. The wrapping. Oh, joy.
5-The clothes—Dressed with sophistication and class for familytime. For we singles–Pizzazz and style with a dash of naughty for FUN!!
Oh joy…
EVERYONE has traditions. Things they just GOTTA do, like every year. Like every other family has.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how we miss it, Pammy and I The traditions. We miss Christmas like-as Pammy says—like air.
It is a part the thing—that magical thing– that makes us Moms, Grammy’s, Partners. And keeps us that way.
Yes. I miss it like air.

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