Christmas as a sinlgle-not by choice.

Before you read this—take a moment and think about someone in your life..A mom..sister–aunt–freind..who would rather not be single…Someone who pines for it more at Christmas ..Perhaps you will understand this post a bit more…Many embrace and thrive like crazy in singlehood—and GOOD FOR THEM! :))))) They are very fortunate to have that mindset..Trust me. I wrote this last year and feel exactly the same this year.
For you who feel I need to be grateful for my life as it is..and stop concentrating on finding a nice companion. This is a perfect status that nailed it..:))) The photo of the couple is noce but the one with the words says it all.
Christmas is a particularily challenging time of year for a single. Especially for someone like me who loves love and the romance of such an all encompassing and beautiful holiday like Christmas which affects our lives in 100 different and unique ways almost daily for weeks on end..
It IS a fabullous time for couples, isn’t it, my friends??
I bet you love it, too. But doin’t really think about the 100 ways it affects you–almost daily..
99% of you in my crcle are a half of a couple so you know what I mean!! I know for I loved the season with both Sonny and first husband Mike..<3 <3
Please.. Close your eyes right now and think of all the moments you have spent with your partner in the last, say, 2 weeks (with over 2 more to go!) doing Christmas stuff together. Discussing the itinerary, the guest list, the menu and all that entails. The kids. The grands. Then there is decorating, inside and out..
Maybe you attended each other's Christmas parties.
Do you think of what you want to get him/her for Christmas this year and get excited at how excited he/she will be?
Have you shopped together yet for anything whatsoever for the season–gifts, groceries??.
Now—close your eyes again–and imagine him/her—not there. At all..
Back to the point.
A-I hope you are having a FABULOUS Christmas of 2017 with your mate..:)))
B-Ya. I am fine on my own..More than fine..
But, this week alone, three loving caring souls who wish me only happiness expressed concern that I think about couplehood too much. Really???
I hope this post explains why..as you share air with your beloved over the season.
I think it's kind of like being pregnant–
Absolutely impossible to explain the magnificence or the bigness of it to someone who has never been pregnant..
Like love..It is an addictive, magnificent thing–
Who would NOT miss it..ESPECIALLY over such a loving, caring family time as Christmas?
So- I don't NEED a partner. I just WANT one..And it aLL BEGINS WITH COMPANIONSHIP. :) <3

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