Be unafraid, unrestrained and unapolegetic…

When I was little I was full of excited anticipation,  All the time, breathless for the future..
My mind was full of visions of a life far beyond the small family farm we were fortunate to be raised and nurtured on..
My dear, precious mother would look in my eyes..and talk to me –without moving her lips–
She told me to be..
-Unafraid…of becoming whatever I dreamed of–in each stage of my eternity
-Unrestrained..in sharing my love and beliefs–spreading my word and the bits of knowledge and experience I gathered over my lifetime..
-Unapologetic if I stepped beyond boundaries and over thresholds others thought a woman of my station should ever imagine.
What a gift she gave me…
Thank you, my Guardian Angel. My precious Mother.
For being there–as you are even today…
Always THERE..

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