Be exceptional. It’s FREE!!

Exceptional lives evolve continually. I believe this.
Choose to Live Life LARGE and exceptionally…Today.
Don’t you agree that it makes no matter, our age, whether 20, 40, 60..or more? Catherine R. Cady just turned 75 on Saturday and she is even more awesome now than she was in her 50’s..even though her life has evolved. Carolyn Turi Gallant Short just celebrated her 70th yesterday and she is SURROUNDED by beloveds. Two fabulous ladies that mean the world to me.
Exceptional needs and wants change yearly, sometimes, monthly. Sometimes daily. Hourly. It is being AWARE that counts! To define and set priorities. Then focus. Then make things HAPPEN!
Exceptional goals never remain static, aspirations continue to build, dreams ever-expanding, like a tapestry in your mind..
Never fear treading this unbeaten path. Be authentic in what is important to YOU!!
Make no excuses to yourself or anyone else for that matter.
Apologize to no soul for your fearlessness.
Be tenacious.
Be assumptive.
Hold back nothing of yourself. For if you do, it is only YOU holding you back from this exceptional life..
Trust me. If you are thinking it, it is in you.
It costs NOTHING to be exceptional…It is FREE!
Dig just a little bit deeper and YOU will find that wisdom and courage to fulfil…
to manifest..
and then to inspire!!!

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