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An author’s Saturday…

I belong to a LinkedIn group called Books and Writers–the latest question being–“What book are you currently working on?”

My answer…..
Back in 2006 after an invasion of cancer, losing both breasts and fighting the good fight with chemo, I had a follow-up heart attack—for good measure..The heart attack was the catalyst. A sense of urgency set in–to write my mothers story.In her honour. She had been murdered back in 1978–and I didn’t want to die myself, without honouring her.
I was GOING to write a small family chronicle –that was my intent..4 years later I came up for air with a million word manuscript on my hands–a roman-a-clef–circa 1954 thru 2009.
Obviously, the tome was massively beyond palpable–so had to break it down to manageable bits..AS it is–I should have gone to 5 -6 books..
However–having no idea how to be an author and being too exhausted to write a single solidary word more, I DID find a stopping place and I published Book 1 Call me J-at 724 pages, last May.
I am now at revisions/edit to page 334 of 420 in Book 2-Jwalking…with many, many readers of Book 1 waiting with bated breath! It is a slow and steady process, being an indie author..But it is—coming…

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