A writer’s life….

At least 6 Projects on the go…………
Wikipedia page for Call me J; Pinterest uploads; International Blogger set up; Kickstart for translations–audio, French and Mandarin; set up International/Asian Pre-order tab on Website; Literary Agent query letters to send; Author page update on Amazon and Kindle.
Poem to send into competition for Realistic Poetry International with the theme Pain in Poetry (written but not edited). Prep letters of introduction for the Canadian and Ontario Film Boards for monies for screenplay adaptation.
The list goes on.
Oh, ya. Somewhere in here I must continue editing/revisions Book 2 of the Holy snappin’! Series, JWalking (My readers of book 1, Call me J are WAITING!) and finishing the dramatic romance novel, Omeerotica.
Oh and notes on the screenplay adaptation for Call me J.
I need to be three people!!
SUCH a shame none of these things sustain me financially—YET!

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