Author Pamela Lee’s testimony speaks for hundreds and thousands of women all over the world. Will this down-toearth, caring, kindhearted maiden’s future be “filled with love? Or filled with unspeakable despair?”

The Highest Mountain; the Deepest Valley

The Void of a Broken Heart

The picture-perfect family. It’s one of the most desired, attainable, and ideal images conceivable to the human heart and spirit, with many of us dreaming and fantasizing of establishing our own family someday. Just like Annie Magyar. This piercing and emotive autobiography unfolds the many diverse chapters of Author Pamela Lee’s eventful and gripping story, with Annie Magyar, the main character, representing the author.
As a youngling, Annie lives blanketed in unadulterated love, happy and content with an abundance of compassion, and securely nestled in the safety of principle, nourishment, family, and tradition. Immediately, it’s easy to interpret that she (who also goes by the name ‘Annie’; ‘Anna Belle’, ‘Anna Lee’ and ‘J’ throughout the story) is indeed a spirited leader with a genuine, zealous will to live life happy, and to the fullest degree!
In the beginning, Author Lee efficiently exemplifies the natural “infectious” internal light little Annie possesses by recapping the earlier years of her life – when like the stars, life is brilliantly shining, with everything and everyone in remarkable alignment. Animated, optimistic, and infused with absolutely 100% love, truth, purity, and peace, the ‘young country lass’ is raised by Max and Lily Magyar, with a decent and healthy upbringing. And unlike in some households, the young girl delights in her older siblings very much, enjoying their company, presence, and overall relationship!
The book covers a wide variety of different scenes and points in time over the course of Annie’s life, and we feel it is extremely important to take note of her most significant and noticeable attributes associated with her internal character to help readers understand some of the decisions, sufferings, weaknesses, reactions, and strengths depicted throughout the story, as the main character encounters predicted adverse circumstances that cause calamitous conflict, profoundly. And with her being the versatile beacon of positivity (in many different areas) she is, the pressures induced by the unpleasantries of the world surely take a toll.
Like many youth and children, the unspoken and silent internal damage begins in the Magyar home; a fun, comfortable, safe, and secure household, usually. But what in this big, perplexing world ever remains the same?
Well, besides the ‘quiet or concealed ‘few’ secrets’ Annie decisively chooses to conceal, like the uncomfortable fondling incident she recounts in her elementary years, she’s grateful and exceedingly proud of her big, beautiful, Magyar-family tree! And genuinely grateful for her life, with Lily Magyar, an A + mom, as her lead and primary role-model.
Author Pamela Lee’s testimony speaks for hundreds and thousands of women all over the world. Will this down-toearth, caring, kindhearted maiden’s future be “filled with love? Or filled with unspeakable despair?”
Author Lee’s story prompts us to consider just how fragile and delicate family unification, relationships, and bonds really are. For smiles, laughs, and good times quickly fade when persuasive, domineering influences such as, alcoholism, abuse, and separation transform into nightmarish realities, affecting not only Annie’s parent’s relationship, but the entire Magyar family. For Annie, the number one man she views as ‘unable to do any wrong’, Max, her father, gradually becomes her focal point of anger, frustration, and resentment, furious at her father’s new irresponsible and volatile habits and tendencies.
Besides, coming from a regular routine of breakfast, baby showers, family-time, and plenty more memorable family traditions, witnessing the unfamiliar dysfunctionality and disorder in the home taints the young girl’s perspective of her father beyond repair, which unfortunately follows her into the developing years of her life when dating and romance become relevant factors.
We read of Annie’s first heartbreak, and it seems to be the stepping stone to an even more incomprehensible and indefinite love as the years go on and the Magyar bunch begins to branch off, setting out on their own paths, while keeping contact.
Lily and Max become grandparents, with Lily surprisingly following in her husband’s footsteps, resorting to the dreadful habit of alcoholism to escape the prison of agony and unhappiness she lives in. Sadly, the once ‘head-over-heels for each other’ couple’s chance of recovery appears forbiddingly grim. In the meantime, Annie and her siblings are introduced to the ‘real world’, with each of them creating families of their own!
Assertive of her worth and value as a woman, Annie Magyar manages to push past her first heartbreak, and falls for a handsome Canadian-army suitor by the name of, Robert Bell, seemingly the man of her dreams! Or so she believes.
Decisions and choices surrounding her career range from a variety of different occupations and fields, making apparent just how well-rounded she really is! Her story attests to the fact that she has an outstanding work ethic, is dedicated, loyal, and an efficient hard-worker. Plus, boy is she adaptable! From carnivals, to the plant business – nothing can stop her! At one point, she even finds herself (and family) live on stage in the realm of theatre – lights, camera, action!
But never in a million years did Annie ever imagine allowing herself to feel underappreciated, devalued, or belittled by anyone, let alone the man that supposedly ‘loves’ her! Robert Bell. And with her optimistic, outgoing personality, it’s nearly impossible to disregard the silent voice crying within, desperate for relief from the hollow, unempathetic, dull husband, who often restricts her words and opinions saying “Annalee, do not question me in front of the children, EVER.”
Yet, regardless of her disappointments, anxieties and doubts, Annie remains committed, loyal and good-hearted to her family and husband, and the married couple welcome a total of 3 healthy human jewels into the world; Jonathon, James, and Ava – but the adversities of her weakening marriage do not diminish, and though she prays to God for hope, change, and restoration, the uncomfortable feeling of torment repetitively haunts her, having a relentless, stinging way of
Author Pamela Lee’s testimony speaks for hundreds and thousands of women all over the world. Will this down-toearth, caring, kindhearted maiden’s future be “filled with love? Or filled with unspeakable despair?”
teaching and showing Annie new, interesting lessons about relationships, her husband, herself, and also about being a woman, mother, and wife.
But there is no denying it, even if she tries. The poised, confident young woman who admires and respects the sacredness and beauty of marriage, is beyond disenchanted. Will her outstanding faith and excellent resilience be enough to salvage her marriage? Will her marriage and family thrive after all she’s committed to making it work?
Well, the emotional turmoil in Annie’s life proceeds to accumulate as more changes occur between her life, and the Magyar family-life, causing the, now, exhausted Annalee, to question many things, beliefs, and people. The fact that she isn’t only suffering from the pain and heartbreak of merely her personal life strengthens the distressing whirlwind of calamity she feels blowing her in multiple directions. She loves and cares for those near and dear to her more than words can express. Like her sister Louise.
From a mechanical perspective, Author Lee does a fine job at intertwining multiple themes into the layout of the story, and one that stands out with more and more findings being discovered about its subject every day is, mental health. The author exposes the emotional and physical factors involved when a person is officially diagnosed with a mental illness, such as her older sister, Louise. And the effects can be traumatic, just like they are for ‘Loo’ (Louise’s nickname). Reading how drastically life transforms in such a brief period of time, due to the suffering of a mental illness, is truly heartbreaking, for the individual and also everyone else close to them.
This revelation also puts into perspective just how erratic life can be. As readers, one minute, we’re content with the idea of her older sister living out her “fairy-tale” of simply being a good wife and mother; the next, she’s suffering from psychological breakdowns and has aged well past her years! One cannot help but to feel the sadness and despair. This particular reality, just as many others shared throughout the story truly forces you to appreciate every moment, every breath and God-given second to live. But sometimes, the calamity of life can be enough to nearly take one’s breath away.
To add more salt to Annie’s sore, unhealed wounds, the immense anxiety she receives one day from a disturbing phone call leaves the frustrated wife facing the dreadful thought of possibly losing one of her dear brothers to an unforeseen accident. In this moment, we find ourselves waiting…hoping and wishing that her well-deserved rainbow is due to brighten up her obscure and gray skies. The sweet, loving Annie’s years of maturity are, indeed, rocky and emotional, full of dramatic twists and sharp turns! This forces us to ask – what will happen next?
Author Pamela Lee’s story penetrates even deeper in Chapter IV: Lily’s in the Valley. Our hearts are literally crushed when the narrator divulges the death of one of the most treasured women in her entire life; her mother and mentor, Lily Magyar. Tears are the only response. Lily, being Annalee’s encouragement, stimulation, motivation, and inspiration, leaves the young perplexed, aching wife and mother with an inheritance of unforgettable memories and teachings that live on through the spirit of her loving daughter, and other relatives too. Though this scene creates an undeniable sombrous melancholy mood, we believe it is beautiful how Annie manages to
Author Pamela Lee’s testimony speaks for hundreds and thousands of women all over the world. Will this down-toearth, caring, kindhearted maiden’s future be “filled with love? Or filled with unspeakable despair?”
embrace her mother’s spirit after her passing, referring to her as her own special ‘guardian angel’.
Towards the latter part of the book, dire health concerns add an entirely new dynamic to the story; the revelation of cancer. After reading all the turmoil Annie endures thus far, now cancer?! As a reader, to imagine the pressure, alone, is enough to leave one frozen. Sure, Annie may be strong, and she never quits – but now that her entire world is flipped upside down, will she be able to cope with the thought of divorce, death, resentment, disappointment, cancer – and worst of all, having to live with the awful words, “my mother was murdered today?” and still be the same unstoppable Annie she always thought she’d be?
From ‘Annie’; to ‘Annielee’; to ‘Anna’; to ‘J’, as foretold by the clairvoyant woman in the prologue of the story, this evocative autobiography is merely proof that Annie lives a life “immensely different from what she dreamed of when she played her records, danced with her invisible partner and imagined her future life unfolding.” And the “deep, deep valleys” the enigmatic woman of knowledge tells Annie of (even before such events ever occur), do far more than influence the graceful country girl’s dreams, fantasies, and desires.
“Strong and full of conviction that she must do what she must do to save herself and her sanity, to retrieve who she is and was”, Annie Magyar’s testimony speaks for hundreds and thousands of women from all over the world. Will this down-to-earth, caring, kindhearted maiden’s future be “filled with love? Or filled with unspeakable despair?”
Find out and order your own copy of Author Pamela Lee’s epic saga, ‘Call Me J’ today! The Realistic Poetry International Honest Book Review Team is genuinely pleased to present this book with a 5-star rating, and encourages everyone to read the book!
It’s passionately heart wrenching, full of highs and lows, yet ultimately underlining the relevance of identity, decisions, and change.
Bravo, Pamela Lee! Powerfully written story.

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