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A letter to my readers:

Hey there, everyone!
I’ve been given the latest task in setting up my website, alongside the very capable, affable and infinitely patient Andrew Rudd, my web designer of Detail for Design out of Hamilton Ontario. (You can see for YOURSELF, he is also brilliant at design and cohesiveness!)
NEXT on the surprisingly long list—Drum rolllllll—
Create a post for the Bio/About page.
“How do you put all that info in a short, concise blurp without sounding like a noodle-head braggart?” I ask myself. SO, I am gonna do my usual style. SUPER casual, off the cuff, throw ‘er up against the wall, in no particular order and what you see is what you get.
Here goes.
A couple of ‘’rules’ I live by—

Passion, persistence and possibilities—my ‘3 P’s’ mantra.

“You must be 95% true to yourself. The other 5%, you must be 95% true to yourself.”
Also… On the bio side of things.
Hmm….Where do you start and what do you include when you are a mature adult, going on 44 in your heart, and you don’t want to bore your readers with a litany of I—I –I’s?
Suffice to say—
It’s all in the Trilogy. However. In aid of catching someone’s attention who just might have been this age or that when she/he thought ‘HEY, I should write a book!’…..I have to fill in a few blanks.

I began my novel at age 7…writing on fancy paper. Not that I knew my life, as it went by, was a novel-in-waiting.

From there I dabbled in writing at school (where I dropped out at age 16), in my work as an international sales manager/trainer/entrepreneur with ad copy and sales meeting/motivational/inspirational speeches and such. Letters to the editor were sporadically prolific, based on where I was in my life and what I was doing–and I DID usually make the roster. That was about it in the writing department.

Back on October 1st, 2006 I started an intended small family chronicle after a post chemotherapy/double mastectomy heart attack. Four years later (October 19, 2010) I came up for air and had a 1,000,000 word based-on-a-true-story manuscript on my hands. It was HUGE-too gigantic for one book, so had to hack it into three, maybe four. I am not there yet to know how many will eventually be in the series. SIGH—MORE work and I was tapped out after 4 years of furious writing…
Book 1 of the Trilogy was/is technically WRONG with oversize chapters and, just generally, an unconventional novel. I was too tired to worry about it and went with it as is. Book 2, Jwalking, will be better-technically. However—EVERYBODY who is engaged and reads Book 1, Call me J to the last page loves it. EVERY review is breathlessly-ecstatic. A few are featured here on the site. Go check’em out!!! HOW BLESSED I FEEL!
The lady behind the pen? I don’t know—what shall I say?

I am a changed woman from my working days when I was a driven, tenacious, internationally known entrepreneur and trainer of sales consultants, seller of fabulous innovative products and lines for over 40 years. I have even been called empire builder! Wow! Oh—I also dabbled in stage production, direction, choreography. THAT was FUN! Retired-before-my-time in 2006-to write.

My last WORKING position was Eastern Canadian Regional Director for a company out of Montreal. Along with a couple hundred of my peers (whom I greatly respect for having the GUTS and determination to sell sex stuff!), we sold lingerie and everything to enhance your love life. Yep. I sold—THEM! And was honoured to do so! Now—I am just a writer.
I am a proud mother of three, grandmother of three. A single widow..and a fresh new soul as a Gypsy lady travelling between Halifax and Ontario where I have beloveds in both areas. I have INTENT to live a long, happy life surrounded by riches—those riches being friends and family—Maybe a dog. A scottie.

I consider myself blessed as a survivor and warrior—allowed to stay on this earth to spread my message of hope, faith and love—through my work.

Also…and finally—
**On–what inspired me to write the trilogy…

“”””””The short answer is—The prospect of dying without telling my story…my mother’s story..

It was all an accident, you see!!!!
I was only to write a 20-30 page chronicle. I had no idea I would be writing a 50 year saga over the solid four years it took me–From October 1st, 2006 to October 19th, 2010.
Before launching into the journal (and eventually realizing-“HEY..I’M writing a BOOK HERE!!! (Which eventually turned into a Trilogy), I had never written anything past letters to the editor. However…I had a way with words, with imagery and the small details…
So, after a heart attack in the spring of 2006, when my own mortality hit me in the face, I was DETERMINED to honour my family and all the ”characters” in my life by writing it down before I had another one. Maybe a fatal one as my father had suffered in 1987.

I set out to write a small journal on my family’s history having no idea I had a book in my soul…and the ability, tenacity, passion and patience to write one…




  • Reply Paul Kozak July 24, 2015 at 3:44 pm

    Hi Pammie…..checking!

  • Reply Viga Boland July 31, 2015 at 10:55 pm

    Hey Pammy!

    I asked Andrew to send me the link to your new website and holy smokes! Like Wowza. It’s fantastic. What a beautiful site. Onc of the best author sites I’ve ever seen. I’m jealous LOL. I’ll have to get Andy to re-design mine at this rate. This is brilliant. Congrats kiddo. BTW, love your poetry too. Now, you need to come join me and the other memoir writers in my group on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/memoirabilia. And while you’re at it, be sure to sign up for our blog at http://www.memoirabilia.ca. Would really like to have you submit something that I can publish on there with links back to this awesome website. Oh hey, how about putting in a link to Andy’s website up above where you mention him, just in case someone else would like to have him design a site for them. Cheers!

  • Reply Pamela August 1, 2015 at 8:41 am

    Hey Pauly!!! Thank you for checking!!–lol

    • Reply Pamela August 6, 2015 at 4:32 pm

      VIGA!!! YAYYYYY…Your post FINALLY came up. It took DAYS but here you are! And OMgosh. I am STILL blushing , re your amazing and awesome comments about the website!! OH MY!!!
      This thing–this website inspiration came to me—like all the million words on the trilogy—from–”some-where-out–there”.
      Once I had made the decision go do the right thing by my Trilogy and get a website–finally–I woke up knowing I did NOT want my site to look anything like a Author’s site–for it is who I am. However, if I wanted to be my authentic me and remain true to me–I had to break all rules, as I have done with my Trilogy which looks NOTHING like a conventional book.
      My website which looks nothing like a conventional Author’s Website. And you and others seem to LIKE that! YAY!!!

      Which brings me to Andrew-WHAT A GUY!! (Andrew Rudd of his Detail for Design team of one out of Hamilton, Ontario) He launched right in, never pushing, EVER but, instead gently nudging this absolute nervous non-techy nobody along day by day by endless day. We must have shared 300 emails from the moment I decided on which format to use (with the help of a dear friend, Paul Kozak). Andrew became a MASTER of patience, diligence and detail while following and tweaking my suggestions day after day after day. The man’s doggedness and respect for his client’s needs/wants/wishes is darned neigh legendary..
      I LOVE the end product. It is helping me brand..Pammy..
      I would recommend Andrew and his Detail for Design WORLDWIDE..I have no doubt he will be a massive success!! NO doubt!!
      Again, thank you for the kind words, Viga and for the initial recommendation . I got about 1000% of bags–for my buck!
      Onwards to all we authorpreneurs..
      To SUCCESS!!
      My mantra rang true here..
      “You must remain 95% true to yourself. The other 5%, you must remain 95% true to yourself.”
      Thank you again, Viga, for the kind words of encouragement.

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