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    Domestic violence is alive and—kicking.

    I have an amazzzzing array of ‘fans’ now–those who have taken Annie and her clan into their hearts and assured me of their dedication and engagement in the reading of Call me…

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    Be exceptional. It’s FREE!!

    Exceptional lives evolve continually. I believe this. Choose to Live Life LARGE and exceptionally…Today. Don’t you agree that it makes no matter, our age, whether 20, 40, 60..or more? Catherine R. Cady…

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    A writer’s life….

    At least 6 Projects on the go………… Wikipedia page for Call me J; Pinterest uploads; International Blogger set up; Kickstart for translations–audio, French and Mandarin; set up International/Asian Pre-order tab on Website;…

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    The state of bliss..takes effort.

    Gentleness is always needed…soft emotions and edges…calmness and a sense of quiet…. It is a day of reflection—and more appreciation of what we encounter each moment of past days day in our…

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    Never let go of your dreams..

    “Mayday” Today- I shall embrace it for what it is. For life offers you no more than what you ask of it. Sometimes it takes– Sometimes it gives. But, in the end…

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    Snowwalking on Spring Garden Road…….

    Snowfall on a quiet Saturday night Shhhh— Listen! …..the sound!! It’s like shouting into an echoing canyon and the already used, diminishing words drop over and over, like raindrops, around you… Or…