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    Readers are EXCITED!!

    Today I write again.. Can’t tell you how privileged and spoiled I feel to just relax and veg and write at my leisure here this summer of 2018 at AJ’s home. I…

  • Cancer Word Cloud Concept with great terms such as disease, chemo, survivor, patient, doctor and more.


    Last chemo! May 29, 2001 in Halifax, Nova Scotia It seems like yesterday…In Halifax…9 months and three surgeries with the fight..and a follow up heart attack… I was too shell shocked to…

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    Kiss the earth with your feet..

    The blessings are everywhere–the magic all around in Pammyland and YOUR land. Come join me.. Let’s open our hearts to the love of our friends and family and new adventures over this…

Lessons From My Mother

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    Never let go of your dreams..

    “Mayday” Today- I shall embrace it for what it is. For life offers you no more than what you ask of it. Sometimes it takes– Sometimes it gives. But, in the end…

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    Snowwalking on Spring Garden Road…….

    Snowfall on a quiet Saturday night Shhhh— Listen! …..the sound!! It’s like shouting into an echoing canyon and the already used, diminishing words drop over and over, like raindrops, around you… Or…